Hanging Basket Demo’s

Hanging basket workshops

It’s Spring and that means it’s a busy time for the gardener planting and composting, and watering and singing to the flowers (true story)!

Each year we decorate the farm with an array of flowers in hanging baskets which fill the farm with bursts of colour and delicious aromas.  Typically we have 16 hanging baskets to plant and this year we thought we would invite our budding gardeners in for demonstrations from our resident expert.


Meet Mike

Mike Hanging Baskets Demos

“Hi, I’m Mike.  I’ve been the gardener at Godstone Farm for 6 years.  We have sunny days and a really horrible rainy days but despite the good old British weather I absolutely love working here and helping to make the farm beautiful.  When I first started back in 2011 the first thing I did was put in some flower beds and since then we have gone from strength to strength and I now look after rockery’s and flower beds all around the farm, and along with Bill my trusty helper we grow around 8 varieties of fruit and 19 different vegetables and salad crops which is great for school children as well as our general public.

Previous to my time at Godstone Farm I spent 11 happy years at Knights Garden Centre and have been a keen gardener all my life so when the opportunity came up to share with you how we make our flourishing hanging baskets here I jumped at the chance and hope that lots of you will come along and join me”

Hanging Basket Demos

Friday 12th and Saturday 13th May 2017

  • 11am
  • 12.30pm
  • 2pm
  • 3.30pm

This year we have chosen a pink theme with a variety of standard and trailing geraniums mixed in with a few other flowers.

Geranium – We have chosen this one as it is relatively low maintenance and doesn’t require as much watering as some other flowers.  With so many flowers to look after on hot days watering can take a long time so this will really help us.

To offset the geraniums we are adding in:

The demos will cover:

  • The type of hanging basket we are using, the pro’s and cons of other types available
  • Information on the artificial basket liners we use instead of moss, their pro’s and cons and alternatives available on the market
  • Adding the soil, how much, when and why
  • Adding the water retaining gel and food pellets, how and why
  • The building of the basket.  Planting the flowers from bottom to top, which plants go where and why.  On average we will be planting around 14 plants in each basket.
  • Mikes hot tips on watering, pruning, de-heading and general maintenance for long lasting hanging baskets throughout the summer


Demos are completely FREE of charge*

No need to book to just come along tickle your green fingers and get inspired!

*Regular farm entry fee’s apply.