Poppy gives birth to a beautiful calf!

Following the farms first attempt at Artificial Insemination 9 months ago, both Poppy (Fresian Cow)and Heidi (Highland Cow) successfully became pregnant on the first go.  They were due on Saturday 29th April and Poppy did just that bang on time.

In the morning she was up and down and up and down, as we are sure many of you can appreciate and looking rather uncomfortable.  We kept a close eye on her all day and by mid afternoon it was clear we were about to have a new addition to the farm family!



We were so pleased lots of you gathered together to watch the miracle of new life and were so encouraging and supportive, and we were super impressed with how well everyone did at being quiet he he

Poppy is 3 years old and this is her first calf, she was pushing for a while and we could see the calves little nose and tongue poking out.  She needed a little help with some lubricant to push out the head so Farmer Becca and Farmer David were on hand to help.  As soon as the head was out the rest of the body quickly followed.  This is quite an emotional moment but was also met with a little cheer for those lucky enough to be there as she was delivered.



Poppy’s maternal instinct kicked in straight away and she was up cleaning and nurturing her new calf within seconds.



It wasn’t more than 10 or 15 minutes before the calf stood on her wobbly legs for the first time which was such a delight to see.



The calf is a Fresian x Highland female and doing very well.  Mum and baby have bonded very well over night and are living together in the Main Barn alongside Poppy’s faithful friend Tinsel who spent the entire birth from the pen next door mooo’ing with encouragement and taking a keen interest in the new calf.



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Poppys Calf 30.4.17