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Over the past few months our ewes have been kept safely inside the New Arrivals Lounge for the lambing season and they are bursting to get out for some fresh spring air.  Before they head out into the lush green fields to graze they are in need of a well-earned pamper and need a technique called Crutching as their fleece can get a little bit mucky.

Crutching is the shearing/trimming of the sheep around their bottom and teats, we do this to avoid discomfort to the sheep and damage to the fleece. When the ewes are released back outside they will be squeaky clean and worry free.

Farmer Stuart has attended special shearing training courses and is now the farms resident super shearer . He is looking forward to shearing our flock in a few months time.

Today with the help of Farmer Carys, they crutched 11 ewes and to do this they used electric shears and some special shoes.  Farmer Stuart’s special shoes are called shearing moccasins. He wears these because of the Lanolin in the sheep’s fleece, this is a fatty substance found naturally on sheep’s wool and when on the floor it can get a bit slippery. To be safe he shears them on a wooden board and always has the right footwear!

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So far this year we have welcomed 59 leaping lambs and are still waiting for 3 ewes to give birth.  In a few months Farmer Stuart will shear the ewes and the fleece will be washed and carded in the farms spinning room for our school children and summer visitors to have a go at spinning the wool.

We have a variety of different breeds of sheep on the farm with different colours, shapes, sizes, and personalities.  These include Lleyn, Romney, Badger face, Hampshire Down, Zwartble, Shetland and Herdwick! Many of them have numbers on them to help us identify which lambs belong to which mummy’s.

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Behind the Scenes story by Farmer Katherine.