Best of British

The Best of British

There’s plenty of heritage at Godstone Farm and so we’ve taken some time to explore some of the natives who live here.

When visiting a farm it’s often about the fun that can be had, and planning your busy itinerary around all that you want to see and do, but its good to take a moment to think about the origins of British farming.

Farming began around 10,000 BC when hunter-gatherers began to gather wild grains and scattered any that were spare on the land to grow the next crops. It wasn’t until 7,500 BC when animals were farmed and the first livestock were sheep and goats.

At Godstone Farm today you will find many British breeds of farm animal such as:

Gloucester Old Spot Pigs

Originating from the Berkeley Vale in Gloucestershire these docile pigs are mainly white with a varying number of black spots. Folklore claims these spots were caused by falling apples as the Gloucester Old Spots grazed in the cider and perry orchards. These pigs are hardy and have excellent mothering qualities.


Shetland Ponies

Shetland ponies originated in the Shetland Isles, North East of Mainland Scotland.  They are a strong breed and thought to be highly intelligent.  A Shetland is a small pony, not exceeding 42 inches and we have a total of 7 here at Godstone Farm.


Herdwick Sheep

Herdwicks are a domestic sheep breed native to the Lake District of Cumbria.  These sheep are prized for their robust health, their ability to live solely on forage and the unique qualities of their wool. Their woolly coats are particularly protective with thick fibres allowing them to survive cold temperatures and nasty blizzards.


Highland Cattle

An impressive Scottish cattle breed with big horns and a wavy coat.  These are a hardy breed and so weren’t too fussed recently with the awful British weather!  One of our beautiful Highland Cows, Hettie has recently birthed a gorgeous young calf, he can now be seen jumping around his field enjoying the warmer weather.


Orpington Chickens

A very local breed, originating just down the road from us in Orpington in Kent.  These chickens are generally heavier than many other breeds and they can fly short distances but rarely do so.  They are bred for their superior egg laying qualities and you’ll often find these eggs on sale in our shop!


As well as fun there’s also loads to learn on a visit to the farm and we’re always ready to share interesting facts with you.