BLOG – Cuteness Overload!

Every farm needs a farm pup and ours is growing up quickly but it’s a really exciting time seeing him training around the farm – boot camp is fun when it involves paws and furry cuddles!

Chivers’ favourite hobby this summer has been jumping in and out of the pond at home with Farmer Pete.  His little legs get tired quite easily so he has been known to take a rather long afternoon nap.

The training regime is well under way and Chivers is a firm favourite among staff and customers at the Farm, he is working on his recall but has totally mastered the “I can sit and look cute pose.”  Chivers isn’t tasked with being a working farm dog, he is a pet but has his uses, known as a “pattadog” meaning he’s there to receive lost of attention!

Chivers is a flat coated retriever, he’s kind, gentle and intelligent but does have rather a lot of energy due to his young age. He’s named after a brand of jam and follows his predecessors Hartley and Robinson.

With over 500 animals at the farm and a puppy on the loose its fun with a little harmless mayhem thrown in.