New arrivals!

Spring is in the air and what beautiful weather we are having at the moment!

We have quite a few babies around the farm at the moment; do make sure you look out for them while you are here!

So far we have eight lovely little lambs born on the farm this month.  Did you know they are numbered as they are born, along with their mum, to make sure we know who should be paired together.  I’m sure you will agree they are super cute, it won’t take long before they are gambolling around in the barn!  You can find the sheep and their lambs in the main barn and there are more due soon.

Penny, our proud mummy pig, had her baby piglets on Sunday 17th February.  They are adorable and are pretty in pink at the moment.  You will see them outside enjoying the sunshine, when they are not inside snuggled up with their mum and having a feed or a rest – being a piglet and trotting about in the sunshine is very hard work you know.

We have two baby goats who were born the same weekend as Penny’s piglets.  They are in the field and enjoying hopping and skipping around.  Goats are such pretty little things aren’t they. You may have seen the video of them on our Facebook  page, we often post photos of our babies on our social media channels.

We have chicken and turkey eggs in the incubator and these are hatching slowly too.    When the chicks first hatch in the incubator they need to stay in there for a little while to make sure that their feathers dry out properly.  The cute little chicks that have already hatched are under a heat lamp in animal holding.  They are too small to be handled at first but after a few weeks they are able to be handled and stroked – always remember that you need to be so gentle when touching the animals.  We are privileged that they will let us stroke them so need to respect the fact that they are animals/birds and be really careful when we are around them.


So if baby animals are your thing – and let’s be honest who doesn’t love seeing a cute little baby, whether feathered or furry – pop down and see them soon!