Artificial Insemination!

Heidi and Poppy’s Artificial Insemination!!

In this day and age where you can seemingly buy absolutely anything online we thought we would put this to the test…

On a snowy day back in January 2016 two amazing Highland cows trotted off the trailer and joined the Godstone Farm family.  Heidi is now 3 years old and along with Poppy, our Friesian cow, are ready to raise their own calves.  We were able to head to a fabulous website and browse an endless list of eligible bulls and found a strapping Highland Bull in France who was more than happy to donate his services, so via the powers of Google we ordered his semen.

On the 11th July the vet popped along to the farm to start the artificial insemination (AI) process by injecting Poppy and Heidi with hormones.  The hormones allow the cows to come into season, so ten days later when the AI technician came along to artificially inseminate them the chance of conceiving is higher.  The success rate of conceiving on the first round of AI is only 50% so we were delighted to be informed both Poppy and Heidi were pregnant on their first go.  You go girls!

Like us, Cows are pregnant for 9 months so we are expecting the calves around the 29th April.  The bull selected was black in colour, Heidi is brown (or red in technical cow language) and Poppy has a coat of black and white patches so we are super excited to see what that calves will look like and equally how different they might look from each other as their mums are very different breeds.

This will be the first calf for both cows so they will be having them in the Main Barn which will already be a hive of activity with many lambs and goat kids due before them.  They will be well looked after by the livestock team and we will of course post lots of pictures when they are born for you to see.  As highland calves are so rare here we hope lots of you will come along to see them in person and keep up with their progress.

So there you have it… you really can buy the most obscure things online!

AI process







Tinsel decides she too wishes to be a vet when she grows up (tee hee hee)