First Pure Breed Anglo Nubians for years!

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There was a real buzz of excitement around the farm today (Monday 18th April 2016) as Bourbon, one of our Anglo Nubian Nannies went into labour and we welcomed the first pure breed Anglo Nubian goat kids to the farm for many years.

Back in November Bourbon took a little holiday with our farmer friends over at Holmbush Farm Park to meet their Anglo Nubian Billy Goat.   This is Bourbons first pregnancy and she was lucky enough to have twins.

Farmer Dave said “As it was her first time in labour she seemed a little nervous and didn’t seem to understand what was happening”.  He explained first time mums often reject their kids but he kept a close eye on her and was able to put the newborn, a male brown in colour, directly in front of her to help her mothering instincts to kick in.  He said “After a few nervous looks she began to lick him and we were all relieved”

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Before she went into labour we noticed she was super fat and we had expected twins so were not surprised when around 15 minutes later, she laid down and started to push.  Almost instantly her second kid, this time a female and black in colour popped out and this time she had no problems knowing what to do!

Within half an hour both kids started to stand for the first time on their wibbly wobbly legs and are both feeding well.

They will spend the first few weeks of their life in the Main Barn before being let loose to jump and skip around in the fields with their soon to be goat buddies!

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