How buying a coffee can help the environment and support Fairtrade

Do you visit our Tea Room or Playbarn for a coffee while you are here?  Well if you do, YOU have contributed to purchasing and protecting the rainforest!

We are proud to announce that our coffee sales at Godstone Farm in 2018 led to the purchase and protection of 1.08 acres of rainforest – which is 2,919 trees! That’s such amazing news so thank you so much to all of you for buying and drinking our coffee.  We are delighted to advise that as part of our commitment to protect the environment, we use a brand of coffee that also holds social responsibility as one of their key aims.

All the coffee we use at Godstone Farm comes from The Fairtrade Organic Puro Coffee brand.  They have “proudly taken socially responsible espresso marketing two steps further with a product that combines Fairtrade certified sourcing with saving the rainforest through World Land Trust (WLT).”

Each bag of coffee that we buy from them contributes to buying and protecting precious rainforests and also ensures that third world growers get a fair and sustainable deal.

Buying Fairtrade coffee ensures that coffee farmers receive a fair price for their coffee beans and also a little bit extra to invest in things like schools, reforestation and agricultural improvements.  The coffee growers are passionate about their business and tenderly care for their crops.

Puro coffee works in partnership with the World Land Trust (WLT) and has supported land purchase and protection in Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil and Borneo, the initiative has also helped to fund a rescue ranger and also supported the launch of the WLT’s first wildlife webcam.

As well as being organic and Fairtrade, the coffee we serve is delicious too, so next time you are here, pop in and enjoy a cup.  Let us see how many trees we can save this year!