It’s good to be green!

Here at Godstone Farm we try our best to do our bit for the environment. As a company we are committed to reducing our landfill waste and we believe we can all do more to help protect the environment.

We already contribute to saving the environment in many ways. We encourage staff and visitors to the farm to recycle, which has a huge impact. We have mixed recycling bins around the farm and if we all make sure we put things in the correct bins – that’s a massive step in the right direction. We ensure we recycle all food containers used in our Tea Room and Playbarn, we also use recycled cooking oil.

We have solar panels on all of our main buildings so we can generate our own electricity.  The electricity that we don’t use goes out onto the grid and this means that the houses in Godstone can use our solar power too.  The great thing about solar panels are that they create electricity without causing any pollution.  We have information posters about solar power on the side of one of our buildings, I wonder if you have spotted them!


We have installed water saving taps – our push button and automatic taps in all handwashing areas have automatic shut off to avoid wasting water. We offer paper bags in our gift shop and the plastic bags that we do use are environmentally degradable so we have no plastic bags being sent to refill.

Our latest initiative is stopping the use of single use cups for our staff.   Our staff have all been supplied with a reusable cup for hot and cold drinks, although they have a choice of using their own if they would prefer to! So that is a few less to add to the 2.5 billion single use cups that get thrown away every year! We love our environmentally friendly cups, what do you think?

We are hoping to introduce more initiatives in the near future so watch this space!