July’s Farm Selfie – Pigs

It’s an exciting time for us as we eagerly await the arrival of piglets – we are very much hoping our prize pig Delores is about to give us a litter of little cuties in the next few days.

Pigs are so intelligent and many of our farm assistants have a developed a real bond with our trottered friends, so when new babies arrive we are able to make friends with them very quickly!

All being well piglets will be back in animal holding for our customers to see and adore in the next few weeks. Watch our social channels for news!

It can’t be much fun being pregnant with multiple babies in this hot weather but we are sure to regularly wet the wallows for all our pigs to bathe and cool off, plus we provide plenty of shade and areas for them to go “off-show” if they just need to chill out.

Pigs are pregnant for 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days so there’s a fun fact to remember and they can also have up to 18 piglets at one time, so for all you mums out there count yourself lucky!

We are so excited, summer holidays is going to be fab down on the farm!