Meet Sahara!

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You may have noticed some of our unusual visitors coming and going over the past few weeks, some very beautiful birds of prey.

As the excitement towards half term builds we thought you might like to meet some of the birds you can meet in real life and learn about them, their lives and some of their cheeky personality traits… we will be testing you later so read carefully!!

Saker Falcon middle imageSahara joined the Hawkforce collection when she was only 16 weeks old to fulfill Nick’s, Hawkforce Founder and Director, life long ambition to add a pure breed to the team.  He wanted a blonde Saker Falcon and was lucky enough to find a breeder in Nottingham.

Karl, Hawkforce Director, said “When she first joined the team she was a little naughty and would try her luck at flying around and not landing back on the glove.  She once had Nick wandering the area for 15 miles following her tracker before she decided to swiftly fly back.  She soon learnt she gets super hungry without us so is now very good”

In the wild Falcons are active between 10 and 22 minutes per day and fly to hunt, Sahara is lucky she doesn’t have to hunt for her food and generously gobbles down two chicks and a mouse each day… yummy!

Karl says “Sahara is a real diva and will only fly when the conditions suit her perfectly, she can be lazy but one thing is for sure, she absolutely loves showing off in front of a crowd”  She is in luck with everyone here looking forward to seeing her in action.


Birds of Prey will be on show and flying demonstrations from Monday 30th May to Saturday 4th June along with all the regular fun at the farm.

To read more about Hawkforce and learn about their brilliant Falconry Experience Days, check out their website:

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