Penny’s Private Quarters

A week has passed since our whopping number of piglets made their way into the world and it has been brilliant seeing so many of you come down and say hello.

As the first week of the Easter Holidays has passed, the larger than life litter has been very busy feeding, sleeping and playing, playing, sleeping and feeding and have been showing off in front of all our lovely visitors.  For such tiny little pigs we have witnessed a lot posing for the cutest photos ever, sticking up their tiny bottoms showing us their little curly tails and bathing in the ooo’s and arrrr’s that can be heard from miles around!


Whist the piglets are lapping up the attention, Mum Penny has been very busy feeding her brood and trying to keep strong to make sure her babies grow up to be fit and healthy.  We know how hard it can be looking after our little families so we can only imagine how she must be feeling .  With so much attention on our record litter we have temporally moved the family into special private quarters to get some well needed rest to ensure they can all keep strong.

Our team are very excited to now become a special farming team of on-site DIY SOS!! Penny will be moving into her private quarters this afternoon.  Once she is settled we will be moving in with our tools, cement mixers and enthusiasm to create a piglet paradise with the introduction of a new wallowing pit to have fun, splash each-other and keep cool on sunny days and a bundle of enrichment toys to keep the piglets entertained and Mum as stress free as possible!

If you come along to the farm over the coming weeks you will see our lovely piggy families new pen start to come to life and our team of DIY SOS Farmers cannot wait to see them all enjoying their new home… I’m sure, just like on TV, there won’t be a dry eye in the house!