Pop badges and reusable cups


You can now join in with pop badge fun! What are pop badges? I hear you ask….Pop badges are fun and collectable badges that you can put either on a special lanyard or on to your clothing.  Our special pop badges are all exclusive to Godstone Farm and will be highly collectable and popular! We are selling pop badges in the Gift Shop, additionally special editions will be available and given out FREE at special events!  Pop badges are great fun and kids love to collect and swap them! Pop badges and lanyards are now available for sale in our Gift Shop.

You can now buy your very own Godstone Farm lanyard from the Gift Shop and add your badges to your lanyard.  While you are exploring and having fun at Godstone Farm you may notice some of our friendly members of staff with lanyards and pop badges.  If you ask them nicely they may be willing to swap badges with you!  Take a look in the Gift Shop next time you are here and have a look at our collection. Which badge will you choose first?


In addition to our this we have now introduced reusable Godstone Farm plastic cups for our customers to use too!  Reusable plastic cups are available in the Gift Shop for £3.50.  Even better than that – if you purchase a hot drink while you are here to drink from reusable plastic cup you will save 15p off the price of your drink.

Annual pass holders special offer! We are offering a special combo for annual pass holders:

Purchase your lanyard and reusable Godstone Farm cup for £4.50 and get a free Annual Pass pop badge!