Sad farm news

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We are very sad to announce Fly, our beloved Gypsy Cob Horse sadly passed away yesterday afternoon.

Fly was born on the 13th June 2008 and came to live with us here at Godstone Farm on the 26th July 2011.  In that time he became a firm favourite not just with our visitors but also our team.  He spent much time running and rolling around in the fields in the evenings and each morning happily trotted into the barn to greet our visitors.  In 2016 the new stables near to to the Playbarn were opened and this meant he had a new home alongside one of his pony friends and could greet even more people each day.

Fly film strip

Dave, the Livestock Manager said ‘Fly had a brilliant personality of all his own.  He was very friendly and lavished time being stroked and was rarely seen without his head hanging over the stable door waiting for the next lovely person to come along and say hello but he was also super cheeky’

Whilst we are not meant to say that anyone has favouites, Fly was not shy about showing everyone he had a favourite buddy in Spring, one of our miniature Shetland Ponies.  They would regularly been seen hanging out together, grooming each other and running around in the fields, this was brilliant to watch as Springs little legs certainly couldn’t keep up with Fly so seeing her try to keep up was very funny!

Fly was very placid and was more than happy for us to plait and braid his maine until our hearts content and boy was he king of the selfie!  If there was ever a selfie mad horse that was Fly, we are sure many of you have selfies with him and we would love to see them posted on our Facebook wall in his memory.

Monday 20th February 2017 was a very sad day for the team and many tears were shed. Rest in peace Fly, we will miss you and you will always be in our hearts.

Fly family