Top 10 Tips to keep your pet cool!

Wowzers it sure is hot out there!

Recent sizzling temperatures have seen the hottest June on recorded for 176 years and our longest heatwave for 20 years so it is fair to say we are all lathering up with sun-cream, popping on our sunhats and reaching for the ice cream.

Whist we enjoy this weather and fill up our paddling pools we also need to make sure we don’t forget your pets.  Here are our top tips for keeping your animals cool this summer!


Top 10 Tips to keep your pet cool!

1 – Make sure animals have plenty of shade and plenty of water

2 -Take your dogs for a walk before 11am or after 4pm, walking your dog during the hottest times of the day can cause burns to their feet from hot pavements and  heat stroke.  Symptoms of heat stroke to look out for include excessive panting, anxiety and, in severe cases, collapse and convulsions. Any such symptoms require immediate veterinary attention.

3 – Make animal friendly lollies – for larger animals fill buckets with fruit and squash, add a rope with a knot in to the bucket and freeze.  This can be hung and a brilliant cooling refreshment.


4 – Add bottles of frozen water to small animal pens for the to sit next to or on to help keep them cool

5 – Create Frozen Muffins for chickens and other small animals by putting animal feed into muffin trays with water and freezing them, the perfect snack for a hot day


6 – Trim your pets hair but avoid shaving.  Fur is designed to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, fur can also stop sunburn.

7 – Grab the hose and cool down your animals with a good spray, cooling and fun, or place a cold wet flannel on tummies or feet.

8 – Create mud wallows especially if you keep pigs



9 – For animal pens in shaded areas put floor and wall tiles into the pens as they will remain cool even when the temperature is hot and great for sitting on and cooling down feet.

10 – Never leave dogs or pets in cars, even if the windows are open the heat inside a car can kill them.  Where possible, avoid car journeys when the temperatures are soaring.