Introducing our beautiful miniature Shetland foal, Xyla!

We are delighted to announce that Bramble, one of our miniature Shetlands, gave birth to a beautiful foal as we were closing the farm up for the evening last night. What perfect timing, one of the farmers had just led her to her stable to bed down for the night, when her waters broke and she gave birth to her perfect little daughter.


It was fortunate that she was born in the stable with a bed of straw to keep her warm as the temperature has dropped over the last few days and the air has felt distinctively chilly.  Bramble immediately starting caring for Xyla as soon as she was born.  A miniature Shetland pony foal is quite big in comparison to the size of mum which is why it is extremely rare for a miniature Shetland to give birth to twins.  Xyla managed to stand up within her first hour which is quite remarkable when you compare that to how long it takes a baby to stand after being born – usually about a year – although she did slightly resemble Bambi on ice at first!


The name Xyla means woodland or wood-dwelling, which is quite appropriate for a foal living on a farm don’t you think?  Mum and her fluffy baby are doing well in their stable but as you walk past, please try and remember quiet voices.